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In postcard
self promo

By Megan Brooks

VIA INK promotional postcard

On 23, Oct 2013 | One Comment | In postcard, self promo | By Megan Brooks

I just printed 1,000 of these, so I hope there are no typos! I wanted to design
an eye catching postcard to promote my services in the Fort St. John Area.
I had Mrs. Sarah Sovereign come in and photograph me and my space to
demonstrate what a fun and creative spot VIA INK can be.

I came up with a concise list of my services and stayed consistent with the VIA
INK brand, using my orange and turquoise palette with hints of kraft paper.

Photos used in postcard by Sarah Sovereign. To visit her blog click here.


  1. So gorgeous! I’m also so glad you used that photo of you up against the orange wall – definitely one of my faves… Love the way you put everything together – you are so freaking talented!

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