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VIA INK design & illustration – 
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By Megan Brooks

On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By Megan Brooks

VIA INK design & illustration – 

Coming up with your own identity can be challenging, so I decided to relax and use my brand as a platform to experiment with some elements I’d been coveting, and express my own personal style. After months of salivating over the typeface “Frontage” I was happy to find it was a good fit for VIA INK. As a lover and collector of vintage things that decorate my workspace, it only seemed appropriate to use a vintage inspired font. The font’s friendly, handcrafted look conveys the boutique look I was trying to achieve. I discovered kraft paper business cards and thought they would be an excellent match to one of my all-time favourite colour combinations: turquoise and orange. The bright colours not only pop on the surface of my business card (with white ink underneath for an added boost), but adorn the walls of my studio as well. Inspired by French cafe window signage, I created my storefront identity in a warm cream, and emulated an old-timey detective agency look on my glass door and windows. To my surprise the logo casts a fantastic shadow across my walls on winter evenings.

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