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Peace Country Meats – 
website peace_country_meats_ website peace_country_meats_ website

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By Megan Brooks

On 21, Jan 2011 | No Comments | In | By Megan Brooks

Peace Country Meats – 

Peace Country Meats changed their hours of operation from 5 to 2 days a week, and felt an online presence was a must. You won’t find a glitzy interior or fancy displays in the shop, so we kept the website simple as well. The site is one large scroll with each section designated by an image of a surface that depicts the journey a piece of meat would take from the butcher shop to your kitchen counter. We created simple icons based on diagrammatic graphics found in butcher reference guides and made getting in touch with PCM through the site priority number one. Because PCM wasn’t ready for a fully functioning online store, we simply created an area where featured items are categorized, and can be perused by curious customers.

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