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Headspace Artefacts identity via_ink_headspace_logo via_ink_headspace_logo via_ink_headspace_logo via_ink_headspace_logo via_ink_headspace_logo

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By Megan Brooks

On 08, Dec 2011 | One Comment | In | By Megan Brooks

Headspace Artefacts identity

Branding a head shop that also happens to be a fine bookseller begs the question: What do smoking pot and reading books have in common? Answer: They both affect your brain. Straying from the expected marijuana flags and tie-die we gave headspace a clean, sophisticated twist with a modern wordmark and logo. Splitting the baseline of the words “head” and “space” gives a sense of distorted perception, and the brain icon reads as both a brain and a puff of smoke. Housing the wordmark on a giant wooden brain/puff of smoke demands attention from potential customers. The white vinyl on the window was strategically placed to be noticeable to street traffic, but not crowd the beautiful commissioned banners hanging in each window. We produced a series of business cards for headspace that have a different image on the back of each and every card. This barrage of images can represent the plethora of knowledge found on headspace’s bookshelves or just one massive trip. Banners painted & sewn by Catherine Ruddell (


  1. Brilliant!

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