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In christmas
self promo

By Megan Brooks

Wish Lantern Christmas Promo

On 31, Dec 2013 | One Comment | In christmas, self promo | By Megan Brooks

This Christmas I took a cue from all the lovely gold dipped design and crafts I’ve
been noticing and created a gold dipped card stamped with my wordmark and
the message “I couldn’t wish for a better client”.

I tied this card around a folded wish lantern with gold ribbon.

A wish lantern is a lantern that, when lit, fills with hot air and floats
peacefully into the sky. Apparently if you make a wish before letting it go,
your wish will come true.

On the back of the card I put simple instructions on how to light the lantern
and make a wish.


  1. This is so beautiful and such a fantastic idea!!

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